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Give your desk a fresh look with desk plants

Having desk plants in your office can be quite healthy for your wellbeing. They are not just good for the environment as a whole but are known for soothing the eyes as well. The indoor plants are easy to keep because they do not much water and attention. They are quite strong and bear all sorts of weather conditions easily. Even if you forget to water your desk plants over the weekend or on any busy day you will never notice any significant effect on the plants. Rather shriveling and dying like other plants, they have proven to be quite tough and keep on cleaning the indoor environment from pollution. There are a number of options available in desk plants which one can consider. It depends on what sort of indoor plant appeals to you the most and how good are you at taking care of plants. For example, there are spider plants that happen to be quite tough. What makes these plants unique from the other alternatives is that they remain fresh even if you water them once a week. However, they do well in moderately cold climate. Thus if you have an air conditioning system in your office, you will not have to worry about anything. It is better that you keep such desk plants where they get some sunlight as well. However, you should never put them a place where they get a lot of sunlight directly because they would be freaked out from it and will start burning. Another long lasting plant which can be used for desk plants is jade plant. It keeps growing for decades and are quite tough. There is a chance that your desk plants outlive you. You do not need to take special care of this plant as it keeps growing without much effort. If you are looking for some flowers as your desk plants you can think about peace lily. They need to be watered twice a week. On the whole, they are famous for their exotic look. Unlike other flower plants, they do not like much sunlight and can easily grow under low-to-middling lighting conditions. You can even ask in your social circle to recommend any good desk plants to you as well. They will be really happy to help you in the selection process. Their tips and advices are always worth considering as they are well experienced in this field.

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