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A description about radio control helicopter procedures

When working on at home radio control helicopter procedures, remember to gather the right elements. The grain of sand depends on the thickness of the nylon tape. You should choose sandpaper that approximately has the same thickness as nylon tape. Usually, sanders are usually not water, but rather, sanding wood. If you have a lot of difference in thickness between the sandpaper and tape, sandpaper supplement, gluing cardboard between the sandpaper and the board, to get come near to the thickness of the tape. As a very rough guide, I use sandpaper from 3M for wood, which comes in rolls. The grain which roughly corresponds to the tape that I use is a 80 grit. Not much difference in the thickness of the tapes you can find in a haberdashery. Having prepared the block with the sandpaper, to begin sanding, put a guide to the top surface of the wing, taking into account the width you want the spoiler, the margin between the strip of sand, and the edge of the heel. The articulation of the radio control helicopter gyroscope must be more or less in the center of the tape. As a guide, we can serve a ruler, or similar.Supporting the block with the sandpaper on the top surface of the wing, and against the guidance that we have in place, begin sanding, being careful not to separate the guide block so as not to distort the canal that empties into the wing. The past we come up with the heel should be the entire length of the channel to drain, so emptying is as uniform as possible.Sanding will leave when we perceive that the taco is not sand, it begins to touch the top surface of the wing. Then, you can go ahead and soak the nylon tape epoxy resin. Apply with a brush a little resin in the radio control helicopter channel that you sanded and place the tape that channel. Remember we help the brush so that the tape is seated in the channel. We will put a bit of resin and tape, to cover the possible ripples of it, and fill the possible gap between the channel thickness that we have emptied, and the nylon tape. We pass a soft spatula to smooth the micro piece, by removing what is left over, and we have the radio control helicopter hinge. Thus, in the absence of placing the lining, which can be fiberglass, lemongrass, you determine what you want. As a spatula, you can use expired credit cards, or any piece of plastic.

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