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The WWE action figure has come to be a favorite model.

The earlier models for the production of action figures were more of mental constructs than anything believable. Even though they somewhat still made a major mark on the action figure world, their reference was far less believable than what the WWE action figure offers. After their tremendous success, the World Wrestling Federation later referred to as World Wrestling Entertainment decided to contract LJM to produce action figures based on the models of world wrestling entertainment. The WWE action figure was made of rubber and had a close likeness to the character it was modeled after. Later, the contract was moved to the legendary Hasbro. Here they were remodeled to sport different cloth lines and spring loaded punches feature. They still lacked in overt articulation of the personality they meant to represent.WWE action figure with Jakks pacific corporationThis is the point at which the WWE action figure began to attain the long awaited articulation that had eluded the previous producers. This particular co-operation between the two firms spanned the period between 1996 to 2009.Jacks was able to produce figures that contained live chips that played an action figure’s WWE Entrance themes while being played with a Titantron play set. These WWE action figures were now made compatible with Trash Talkin’ Stage. Then came one of the most popular of all time figure; Ruthless Aggression. This was a basic figure that came with fifteen articulation points. These were later the figures that featured WWE earlier superstars. Jakks seemed to perform the best in the production of WWE action figure. A string of products was introduced from the time Jakks got the license to 2009 when the license expired and was subsequently awarded to Mattel.Mattel did a fine finishMattel decided to take the WWE action figure a notch higher. The figures produced by Mattel can be found in either single pack or double pack. The two pack figures are the elite line that resembles the twenty six point’s articulation stretch as displayed by the Deluxe Aggression line. One of the commendable designs by the new producer includes the launch of the series named entrance greats. Although these are basic figures modeled after popular wrestlers, they are filled with details of the icon figure and sport entrance gear donned by given superstars at specific contests on Wrestle mania. Other releases by Mattel include a series by the name Superstar Rings. This is available on Smackdown, Raw and ECW. One of the featured superstars is Shawn Michaels.

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