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Various risks of diabetes during pregnancy

It is very important to know that diabetes is a disease in which insulin is not produced by the body. Insulin is very important for converting carbohydrates into energy.  The entry of glucose is prevented into the cells. The sugar levels rise to a great extent. Cells suffer from hunger.There is a high risk of diabetes during pregnancy. The common risks of diabetes cause the following complications:There is lack of energy in the cells. This leads to increased appetite and severe fatigueThere is elevation of blood sugar. This is a condition which results into elimination of sugar through kidneys. The body performs this by excreting abundant urine.  Therefore, a person tends to feel very thirsty and loses weight very easily.A lot of damage is caused to the heart, nerves, kidneys and eyes. This is usually manifested in the long run. This is very true especially if the disease is not being controlled properly.For knowing about the risk of diabetes during pregnancy, reviewing the two types of diabetes is very important:Pre gestational – This type of diabetes is the one which is diagnosed before pregnancy. It is usually characterized by an increase in the fetal malformations.Gestational – this usually appears during pregnancy at a rate of 1 to 14 percent.  This may even persist in patients after birth. Usually, it is associated with many increased maternal disorders. These conditions include vaginal infections, high blood pressure, urinary tract infection and hypertension. Sometimes it also includes the caesarean and preterm section. Severe damage is caused to the baby.  It can even lead to fetal death and overgrowth. A person becomes more exposed to glucose. This is because the pancreas are stimulated to secrete insulin. There is abundant increase in the development. Thus, damage can be generated while passing through the birth canal.Pregnancy is usually a metabolic stress which occurs on the mother’s body. The body is used by the baby for energy, oxygen, food and eliminating waste. Thus, during pregnancy, it is likely that a patient may suffer from the deficiency of insulin. The sugar is allowed to enter the cell. It causes the aggravation of diabetes. The risk of diabetes during pregnancy mainly occurs if:A woman is above 25 yearsIf she is obese and younger than 25 yearsIf she owns a family history of diabetes in her siblings and parentsIf she belongs to an ethnic group that has a high prevalence of diabetes.

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