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A general introduction on action figures

Sometimes manufacturers used plastic colors to create action figures. They have nothing to do with the final colors, usually these figures are the final tests before final production, they are known as "Test Shot", because with them were screened for resistance articulate and aesthetic details are finalized. They can then see a picture of Lion-O Thundercats series, belonging to our personal collection. It looks just like the final figure without paint, has a copyright form:Be very careful when buying action figures prototypes, some unscrupulous people often try to pass counterfeit copies figures are "pirates" (bootlegs or knock-offs) for prototyping. Following Thundercats, this is one of the most famous bootlegs that have attempted to pass prototype. It is very difficult to determine whether a figure is not just prototype or a photo, could have safely used some paint thinner to remove all color applications. It is also important to find out about the seller's reputation, since there are several prototypes and knowledgeable sales and people buy with their eyes closed.Here are some tips to consider when purchasing a prototype of action figures. If the figure is made of plastic should be the year and copyright information registered somewhere, the figures in stages "Test Shot" molds generally use final figures, and these molds and has registered the copyright of the figure. If prior to the step "Test Shot" means you do not have the copyright, but if it is plastic should have it. The plastic quality also matters. The plastic on a "Test Shot" has the same quality of a definitive figure. Too many flaws in the plastic material used is suspicious. It is also very important to investigate the origin of the figure. The action figures usually come from prototypes former employees of the toy factories. But nothing is final, the world of action figures is very large and you can never take anything for granted. Furthermore, the only option you have when buying a prototype without touching it, only from pictures, is simply relying on the seller's reputation. Qualify or disqualify do not mean anything; just note how these events have affected one way or another to the collecting. Furthermore, criticism is not directed to any person or company store in particular is just a generic derived from the average. Collecting action figures and toys in general is becoming a daunting task increasingly difficult and complicated. This is why everyone should cooperate to make it a fun task!

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