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RC helicopter can perform daring stunts in air

 RC helicopter  should be configured carefully and also  it is essential ,make a  thorough check while fixing the parts of the helicopter  whether it is in correct  position  and also count  the number of lock tight screws that you are  using  while fixing your helicopter, if rc helicopter  contains  lesser screws then  it would be better  and also you can should  take good care  of   blade holders you should also  preserve the life of mixing levers .before flying rc helicopter  you should look out for the surrounding  because  there should not be any obstacle  while flying  and also make a   list  that includes what  all should be used for  safety to the transmitters ,no of linkages, no of  screws, radio is working or not    and this  should be prepared  before flying  and also   you have to see the list every time before going for flying and also you should check for the weather  conditions ,rc helicopter has as a capacity of flying  at a speed of 80 mph  and it can go up to 10000 feet high   to 12000 feet  high .and  you can  practice using your rc helicopter by  flying   in whichever directions you prefer  it can be  forward or to your left or to your right .before trying any stunts  or damaging or  flying with real helicopter  you  have to learn  the basics  and also   you can practice  with rc  helicopter and it would be   perfect alternative .some pilots they prefer noise rc  helicopter rather than the  quiet one  and also they believe if the mechanism of  flying is more difficult and complex  than it would be  more exciting and attracting for them  ,and  would give them  happiness as they though they are flying real helicopter. While flying rc helicopter one has to remember  he has to protect  himself and also protect his  rc helicopter from  hitting any object  because the blades are  so strong and  can damage. RC helicopter has to be used in the outdoor space where there is more space.even gas powered RC helicopters are there but these type of helicopters are used by professionals and the maintenance of rc helicopter are easy .if there is damage or repair you can repair them in you r own hands or you can make use of tool .electric rc helicopter can fly speedily based on the technology that it uses .but before using electric rc helicopter see that whether it has full battery.

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