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Radio control helicopter can be used in indoor or outdoor

  low cost radio control helicopter   are available  in market you can use them for  flying in  indoors  and outdoors  and  by this you can increase your skill and knowledge  .usually  novice  will   choose electric radio control helicopter  because they are less expensive and also they provide and come with low  maintenance ,also they are easier to operate  and you can fly  them wherever you want  and these electric radio control helicopter  fly much silently than  the gas powered helicopter because gas  powered  helicopter make noise  whereas electric helicopters they don’t  and in electric radio control helicopter  contains battery where it has to be  recharged  after every  flight  and it will  take nearly  two hours  to recharge the battery and these type of helicopter they come with  a basic  kit  and  also they have some extra  batteries in the kit  .this radio control helicopter are designed in such way that it comes with   mainframe and boom designs in front  and that are been streamlined,   radio control  helicopter can perform difficult moves  whether it  that is can   fly backwards or  upside down. In recent development even double blades radio controlled helicopter have been introduced  and they  are  equipped with  new technology  and  also this type of helicopter  helps to stabilize and they are allowed for fly for greater  height and flight control  and because of this  they have the capacity that they can spin in any directions   at a single speed. the models that are introduced for beginners are    inexpensive  and has fixed pitch  blades and these blades are made for    flying the helicopter smoothly    and there are various exciting models in these helicopters   and  also you can get expensive models  for advanced  users . nitro gas  powered  radio control helicopter    are  also there  and these helicopters require fuel and they are   little expensive   and  each  and every time you have to clean  up rags  for wiping away gas if there is any gas is spilled out. Whether it is electric radio control helicopter or nitro gas radio control helicopter but make sure that they come with    extra blades   so that you can use them as alternative if there is any damage in helicopter.  Radio control helicopter consist of transmitters and receivers, you can find out two different types of   transmitters, by these transmitters you can adjust the way you want to fly the helicopter. This type of helicopter they transmit and they receive signals.

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